Concerns long held within the Charter and Virtual School Community were recently confirmed in an illegal executive session. Join us in asking our leaders for an independent investigation of possible misconduct, so our schools can regain trust in the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.


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Dear Governor Brad Little, House Speaker Scott Bedke, Senate Pro Tempore Brent Hill and the Idaho State Board of Education,

The undersigned, representatives, families and students of multiple charter schools in the state of Idaho, are formally requesting that the Governor order an independent investigation of possible misconduct by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission’s director, staff and board members.

The Attorney General’s office found that an illegal executive session of that body occurred on April 11, 2019. 

However, a representative of the attorney general’s office allowed the two-hour illegal session to take place and sat in on the entirety of the meeting, therefore creating an inherent conflict in resolving this issue.  We believe the Attorney General should recuse his office from conducting an investigation because of this conflict of interest. 

The recording of this meeting, which was obtained legally through a FOIA and has since been spread through multiple media sources, has exposed a clear bias and culture of corruption within the commission/staff -- far removed from the original intent of the Charter Commission when created in 2004 by S.B. 1444.

We request an independent investigation as soon as possible by a third-party which has the resources, knowledge and expertise to conduct this investigation. A fair and unbiased investigation requires knowledge of Idaho’s open meetings law, Administrative Procedures Act, Human Resources, ethics in government, charter school and education law and have proven independence from SBOE, SDOE, AG.  The Idaho office of Human Resources is such an entity, although others may be available. The independence of the investigating body is critical to a fair and honest assessment. 

The Charter School Commission, its executive director and the entire staff has shown they are inherently conflicted and unaccountable -- and this recording proves concerns long held within the charter community. No charter school in the state of Idaho can feel comfortable that their school will receive an objective and fair hearing before the Charter School Commission ever again, so long as the current board, executive director and staff remain.

The families, students and teachers of these schools all deserve better than this from our government officials, whom wield enormous power over our lives. The entire state of Idaho deserves better and we hope you will investigate this activity swiftly.



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