Special Meeting! Commissioners will discuss reauthorization process changes & statutory role

They will take comments from individuals for up to 3 minutes each BEFORE their discussion.

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RSVP for the special meeting on Facebook Here or via email to IdahoPSO@gmail.com. See another letter below that was sent to schools this week. Waiving their authorizer fee in 2020. It’s a nice olive branch offering, but how does it contrast with what they were caught on audio saying about closing Heritage Academy in Jerome? In their illegal closed-door meeting they said they will close Heritage Academy if they don’t jump through the extra hoops traditional public schools don’t have to jump through. Here’s a great article about the data manipulation the staff of the commission had to do to paint this school as a failure. Great journalistic investigation into academic growth at Heritage Academy!


But, in the letter below they state “no schools are near the ends of their performance certificate terms, so no renewal process will take place.” Doesn’t the quote from the transcript above look like a process is underway? Why don’t they want due process for the schools?

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