Parents: Help protect our access to charter and virtual schools!

The State Charter Commissioners and Staff want to decrease our access to Charter and Virtual schools. 

You’ve seen the news (if not, click here). The Idaho State Commission that oversees 2/3 of Charter Schools was caught on tape plotting to skirt the law and decrease our access to charters- all of this while locking out the public in a secret meeting the Governor says was "probably illegal". We can’t let this happen. So, we need your help. 

There are 3 EASY actions you can take RIGHT NOW to help us, help all of you: CALL. WRITE. SHOW UP.

Will you spend 2 minutes on your cell phone? As a parent and supporter of school choice, we need you to call the Governor and tell him to protect your access to Charter and Virtual schools! He's right the meeting was illegal, but it's the CONTENT of the meeting that's disturbing. The schools are afraid to speak up, so it's up to us to stand up for students, teachers, administrators, and school boards. Here’s the Governor's phone number: 208-334-2100

Will you write a letter to lawmakers and send a copy to the local newspaper and tell them why you chose a charter school or virtual school for your loved one? We need you to do this today! Click Here to send an email or Click here for your lawmakers mailing address. Send a copy to so we can use it as an example of support!

Can you come to a Town Hall meeting next week in Twin Falls to tell the top leaders of the legislature that it’s parents who decide the best education fit for their child? It’s a town hall and they will listen when you speak. RSVP on Facebook details HERE or RSVP via email here: (July 24, 6 PM) 
Will you come to the first State Charter Commission meeting since the scandal broke and show your support for school choice? It’s in August. We need you there. Details Here.  RSVP on Facebook here.

Full illegal meeting audio and transcript on our website.