May Newsletter: Virtual Schools under attack!


      The Coalition of Idaho Charter School Families has decided that we need to stand up against recent criticism of our schools. The past three months, there have been articles written by different groups in Idaho that are against virtual schooling and the idea of school choice. These articles point out negatives and neglect to show the educational opportunity that these schools provide for many Idaho families. The articles below highlight a philosophy of only allowing elite charter schools in Idaho and that the under performing schools don't fit their model. This model creates a more regulatory environment that is hostile to charter innovation and creation. Charter schools began under the principle of school choice and innovation. This is a model that is intended to fit the specific student and provide an opportunity that allows them to be successful.

    We can't allow these types of groups to decide whether our schools work or not. This is now a situation that calls for parental help! These types of groups have shut down school similar to ours in different states. We need more parents that want to get involved in our group and help save our schools from potential closures. 

We will be holding a meeting with board members and friends of virtual schools. 

Friday, July 13th, 2018 @1:00PM
821 W. State Street
Boise, ID 83702

If you're interested in learning more and helping us fight back then please respond to this e-mail and join us!

These are the recent attack articles. Please read below...