Quit Playing Politics With Vulnerable Kids!

The Message:


Tell Governor Otter to quit playing politics with vulnerable kids. Tell your legislator to override the Governor’s Veto and uphold H126, a bill that has already passed both houses with strong majorities .


The Governor Vetoed a very important bill, HB 126, this bill would allow state education  money  to “follow the child” if they move from one school to another school during one school year.  “Idaho families desperately seeking education solutions for their children  are extremely disappointed in the Governor’s  “no”  when the people’s representatives said “yes”. As Tom LeClaire, a Board Member of the Coalition of Idaho Charter School Families said, “Kicking the can down the road yet another year does nothing for the children that need help now.”  We urge all Members of the Idaho House of Representatives to vote to over ride the Governor’s Veto of HB126.