ACTION ALERT on Ed funding VETO!

ACTION ALERT on Ed funding VETO!


Just yesterday, Governor Butch Otter,  VETOED this ed funding bill which affects MOST Idaho schools at some point in their years’ of attendance.  (See bill details below.**)  Supporters feel he has sent a clear “anti-school choice” message that would especially hurt kids at risk…making them wait once again.  By vetoing HB#126 - which passed both the state House and Senate by super majority numbers - Governor Otter and the education establishment have once again forced public school students who transfer to a different school after November to NOT be funded.


Please help us by passing the word to contact Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke* and asking the Members of the House to override Governor Otter's Veto of HB 126. They need to be asked that all children in Idaho are treated equally regardless of what public school they attend!


1.  *House Speaker’s Office – Rep. Scott Bedke (208)-332-1111 or


2.  Your Representatives & Senator to ask Rep. Bedke to override House Bill #126

Contact info:


**Bill details: