Action Alert!


on School Funding Bill H126!!!


To:  Charter, Virtual, Alternative & Rural Schools

From: Jane Wittmeyer & Cindy Hoovel 

Co-sponsored by Rep Judy Boyle & Rep Steven Harris


What?   We need your help NOW to support Bill #H126 in the Idaho legislature!

Why? H126 will give many schools - particularly alternative schools, virtual schools, charter schools, and rural schools - the option of choosing the BEST of either the mid term vs. full term enrollment for purposes of funding salary based apportionment. This change will more fully fund students who change schools after the first 10 weeks of school. Your school would have received more funding for the 2014-15 year if this were the case.

When?  The hearing is schedule in the House Education Committee in the Capitol on Tuesday, February 24 in the morning. (We don't know the time yet, but it probably will start between 8-9AM.)  Please make your contacts prior to this date.  We invite you to attend and if you (students/families/board members/administrators) can testify to the importance of your school and this bill, please let Cindy Hoovel know by this Friday 20 afternoon so she can get you on the agenda!


Link to full details of bill #H126:

Link to contact information for your legislators & the education committees: